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    Cadence Seed Stitch – Knit Baby Blanket

    Baby season is here! Or it’s always here and I just choose not to acknowledge it for the most part.

    When the social media feeds turn from partying/vacation pics into weddings and nothing but newborn babies. Sound familiar? Do these people tend to age about 10 years and all of a sudden know everything and are never wrong because they have more “life experience” than you? YEP, that’s my current life!

    With more babies comes tons of baby showers right? So what’s better than the thought of something handmade and snuggly to give them? I had been eyeing this Seed Stitch Knit Blanket from The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood and was dying to try something similar!

    Name: Cadence Seed Stitch Baby Blanket
    Skill Level: Easy
    Original Pattern By: The Sweeter Side of MommyHood
    Time To Make: Varies by Size & Time spent per day. (The blanket/pattern below took me approx. a couple of weeks spending 3-4 hours per night.)
    Watched/Listened To: Attack on Titan, Season 2

    Materials I Used
    BERNAT-Softee Solid Chunky Yarn (8 skeins total, 2 of each color – Forest, Clay, Linen and Grey Heather)
    Size US 13 (9.0mm) circular knitting needles. (I used 32″ circular needles and it worked fine.)

    Cadence Grace

    Cadence Grace, our sweet little niece was born 2-3 days before our wedding day and we were worries Stachy’s sister and brother-in-law wouldn’t make it. That mama POWERED through and made it to Arkansas post labor for our wedding! (They got a cozy purple version of this blanket instead of the green however. This Forest green version was made for a baby girl of a friend.)

    Sizing Your Blanket

    So I didn’t follow the same size as the original pattern because I wanted this to be more of a “crib” blanket and something the girls could grow into as they get older. Honestly, I was kind of winging it a bit. I cast on 99 stitches to begin with and just made as many rows as needed until the skein of yarn was completely used up. It probably resulted in approx. double the size of what the original pattern.


    Seed Stitch

    Unfamiliar with knitting the Seed Stitch? It’s super easy, I promise!
    Check out one of my favorite Youtube videos HERE from Knit Studio to learn how!

    If you’re interested in one of these adorable, snuggly baby blankets, feel free to contact me at and I would love to make one for you! Tag me in all your project images on INSTAGRAM with #YarnTaleCollective.

    See Ya Later!
    Cassie H.

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