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Hello there!

My name is Cassie Pierson-Henshall!
I’m a 24 year old, Arkansas native disguised as a graphic designer and programmer by day and a crochet/knitting junkie by night.


During my days you can find me sitting in front of multiple computer screens designing and developing newsletters for some great outdoor companies, but when night time rolls around the yarn can’t stay out of my hands!


I have a loving, sarcastic and full mustached husband that loves to illustrate comics of how weird our relationship is and our energetic 1-year old Boxer puppy, Banjo is our only fur-baby. 
Yarn Tale Collective
I picked up crocheting when I was in my early years of high school. Both my aunt and my mom are pretty crafty humans and I found their crochet projects interesting and wanted to try one of my own! I struggled with severe depression and anxiety all throughout high school and spent many months being home-schooled because of it. Picking up crochet seemed to be a no-brainer and before long I was working on my first project. I crocheted off and on all through high school and college after that and here I am now as an adult still crocheting AND I added knitting into the mix as of a year ago!
So what is Yarn Tale Collective exactly?
About a year ago, the crafter group at my church decided to make quilts that get donated to locations with newborn babies in the hospital, homeless and even our local veteran’s hospital as well as women who are going through chemo, etc.
I didn’t know how to quilt, but I sure knew how to crochet! My evenings were further spent creating baby blankets that would get donated to a sweet new bundle of joy! After donating several blankets however, I wished I had of taken pictures of them and documented what it looked like and where it was going, etc. In comes Yarn Tale Collective.
Yarn Tale is kind of a pun off of “yarn tail” in which I wanted to incorporate a story aspect of my creations (hence changing “tail” to “tale”). I’ve had family members go through rough medical situations and received hand-made blankets and prayer shawls and you can’t imagine what it made them feel when receiving them. I can only hope that whoever receives my precious hand-made gifts will go away with a story of receiving it and how it made them feel.
Yarn Tale Collective is a collection of my heart and soul poured into crochet and knit projects that are given to those that are experiencing struggle and hardships in their life. A little bit of my heart and soul hopefully wraps around each one of them when they hold it or wrap it around them. I can only hope they feel the love I felt while making it.
If you want to know more or have any questions for me, feel free to Contact Me.
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